Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thrilling Thursday

This morning, after our announcements, we had a quick class meeting to discuss some important items.

Student absences:  Typically i have students ask 3 (students) before asking me...but if a child is returning to school after being out, I want them to check in with me to see what assignments they have missed and need to make up.

Morning routine:  Students needs to unpack, sign in on the Promethean Board, and then go to Google Classroom, Class Meeting, to read my daily message and determine what they need to work on.

HOMEWORK:  Homework is to read for twenty minutes EVERY night and practice math skills on a web site that is listed on the Google Classroom Homework page BUT if students fall behind in classwork they will need to complete unfinished work at home.  I told the children that if there is a graded assignment that "disappears" from the daily task list on the flip chart, then they are now expected to complete it at home.  So, I will provide a certain amount of time in class, but once class time is not provided, any unfinished work (that is to be graded) becomes homework.  I told the children that if they are ever confused about missing work they should come see me.

After our chat, the students worked collaborative to continue researching the geographic tool they were assigned on Tuesday and begin creating a presentation to share their knowledge.  As they worked, I met with individuals to continue my reading assessments...I am truly hoping to be done by tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck!  :-)

After social studies we switched for math.

Today, during the small group instruction, we began rounding multi-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100 using a number line.  Today, I modeled and explained while the students took some notes.

During math with a partner, the students played a game called, Follow the Leader.  In pairs they colored squares with multi-digit numbers, creating a path in which each number was greater than the number before.  Then they wrote number sentences, in their math journals, comparing the numbers along their path.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the students watched two Learn Zillion lessons about rounding and took notes on the second lesson in their math journal.  After that they practiced their basic facts using Xtra

After math, the children enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When they returned to class we jumped into our literacy block.  First we retold the story, The Gold Coin.  Then we reviewed the theme as an inferred message the author wants us to learn from his story.  We looked at a list of common themes in fiction and identified and discussed a  common theme for both, The Gold Coin and Pop's Bridge.  Then we talked about how we, as good readers, can use context clues to identify the meaning of unknown words and phrases in text.

While I met with students to continue my reading assessments, the students completed an organizer and a written response to compare the themes of The Gold Coin and Pop's Bridge.  Then they had one last chance, in class, to complete the intro paragraph for their character analysis.  Next, they watched a Learn Zillion lesson about identifying and correcting run-on sentences and complete a worksheet that goes with it.

The class has won a Dojo reward of extra recess.  I had planned to give it to them today, but we are struggling to get written work completed.  I am NOT taking their reward away but I did postpone it until another day.

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