Friday, September 9, 2016

Fabulous Friday...Time to Show What we Know!

This morning, after watching the announcements on the Promethean board, the students went to music with Ms. Thomson.

When they returned to class they took a quick assessment covering organisms.  These have been graded.  Look for them in home folders this evening.

After that, the students went to math.

In my math class, we began with shortened rotations.  During the small group instruction we practiced writing the word form of number written in standard form.  During math with a partner, the students played a Toss and Talk game matching numbers in standard and word form.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the students finished watching the Learn Zillion lesson about writing multi-digit numbers in word form and taking notes, on it, in their math journal.  If they finished early they visit the site Really Big Numbers.

After our rotations, the students took a formative on reading and writing multi-digit numbers.  These have been graded and returned to students.  Look for them in home folders this evening.

Next the children enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When they returned to class, we began our literacy block.

We reviewed the concept of theme as being something the author wants you to know, that is a broad idea about life, and is usually inferred.  Then we reviewed a long list of common themes in fiction.

After that, I continued with my informal reading assessments while the children worked independently.

First, the children completed a reading formative focusing on the narrator's point of view in both, Freedom Summer, and Pop's Bridge.  After that, they completed their intro paragraph for the character analysis.  Then, if they had time, they watched a Learn Zillion lesson about modal auxiliaries and completed a follow up worksheet.

The reading assessment will be graded over the weekend.  Don't look for that one tonight.  LOL!

We ended the day with a class meeting to build trust and respect in our class community.  First, we shared one thing the others didn't know about us.  Then we exchanged thank yous and compliments.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Remember there is NO SCHOOL for students on Monday.  It is a professional day for teachers.

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