Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, after the announcements, we began our science lesson.  First we reviewed what an organism is, the two categories organisms can be separated into, and the difference between plants and animals.  After that, we took a walk through a familiar environment, our school playground, and took notes on the various organisms we saw overhead, at eye-level, and underfoot.  Next we defined the concept of an ecosystem and read brief descriptions of five different ones.

After science we switched for math.

Today's small group math lesson focused on writing the standard form of numbers that are originally written in expanded form.  During math with a partner, the children engaged in math discourse as they identified the value of underlined digits in multi-digit numbers.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the students watched a Khan Academy lesson about place value and completed  practice activity.  If they had additional time, they practiced their basic facts using Xtra Math.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

After recess, we reviewed the 5 generalizations of change and the characteristics of historical fiction.  Then I introduced the book, Pop's Bridge, and we read the author's note to gain some background knowledge.  After that we read the story and discussed the setting.

Next the students worked independently, on the following tasks, while I met with individual students to continue my informal reading assessments.  First, the students reviewed Pop's Bridge and took a screenshot of words and/or images that pointed to the setting.  Then they completed a Google Form identifying the importance, in their opinion, of the setting.  Next, they continued working on their character analysis organizer for Joe from Freedom Summer.  After that, they completed the Learn Zillion lesson about simple sentences, watched the media center orientation, and read independently using MyON, Tumble Books, or a book from the media center.

The students ended their day with art in our portable.

Remember, HOMEWORK is on Google Classroom!

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