Friday, September 16, 2016

Fantastic Friday

This morning, after the announcements, the students went to music with Mrs. Thomson.  When they returned they had a few minutes to catch up on any unfinished work, then we reviewed class dojo and gave out earned rewards, and shared the answers to the morning work puzzle from yesterday.

After that we switched for math.

Today we had short math rotations, since we took a formative assessment towards the end of our math block.  During the small group rotation, we reviewed comparing multi-digit numbers and practiced rounding, to the nearest 100, using a number line.  During math with a partner, the students engaged in math discourse as they played the game "Roll, Say, Compare, and Round".  Basically, they rolled dice to generate a 5 digit number, and then they said the number, compared it to their partner's number, and, finally, used a number line to round it to the nearest 100.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the students received logins for Prodigy.  This is a wonderful website that we will use to learn and practice math concepts.  Look for a parent letter, about Prodigy,  in home folders this evening!

After our rotations, the students took a math formative covering comparing multi-digit numbers.  These have been graded and returned to students.  Please look for them in home folders this evening.

Following our math block, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess. we began our literacy block.

I began by reviewing the reading formative and providing strategies for success.  Then I shared my model body paragraph for the character analysis.  I reviewed the expectations; a topic sentence restating their opinion and naming and explaining 3 pieces of evidence from the text.  Then we revisited my model and I color-coded (highlighted) the sentences to identify the topic , naming, and explaining sentences.

Today, while I finished my reading assessments, the students completed their reading formative.  Then they began drafting the body paragraph.  Students who completed those two tasks, worked on the Learn Zillion, run-on sentences assignment.

After our literacy block, we had a quick class meeting.  First we each shared what was on our mind.  Then, we exchanged thank yous and compliments.

We ended the day with an extra recess, as a reward for earning 10 class Dojos.

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