Friday, June 3, 2016

Fantastic Friday

This morning, after watching the announcements, we began our literacy block.  We spent some time discussing the expectations for their expert books.  These included using facts from their research, and correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.  I reminded the students that they should be showcasing their best informational writing.

After that, the children worked independently while I continued my May/June informal reading assessments with individuals and then met with guided reading groups.  During this time I also helped students with their opinion paragraphs and expert books.    Students began by using kid friendly search engines to identify facts about the topic for their next guided reading book.  After that, some students finished their opinion paragraphs---these are WAY overdue.  Finally, the children continued working on their expert books.

Blue:  The students researched Big Foot, The Bermuda Triangle, or Crop Circles using a kid friendly search engine.  Then during our group, they shared the interesting facts they uncovered.  On Monday we will begin their new text called, Believe it or Not.

Green:  The students researched donuts.  In group we shared the interesting facts they learned.  On Monday we will begin a new book called, Dawn of the Doughnut.

Pink:  The students researched facts about American Football.  In group we shared the facts they learned.  On Monday we will begin our nest book, American Football.

After our literacy block the children enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

When they returned to class we began our math rotations.

During the small group instruction we practiced estimating and measuring liquid volume using milliliters and liters.

During math with a partner the students worked on word problems involving mass.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the students completed an assignment on Prodigy involving mass.

After our math block, students had a chance to share their homework writing journals.

Finally, we ended the day with our weekly class meeting.  NE led the meeting and did an outstanding job.  First, students shared their favorite part of the week.  There seemed to be a tie between WIMS Day and our social studies project.  After that, they exchanged thank yous and compliments.  When I took over we discussed challenges, which centered around disrespect towards the adults during recess and lunch.

Have a great weekend!!!

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