Friday, June 17, 2016

Fabulous Friday - Final Full Day did we get here?  It's the last full day of the school year.  Crazy!

This morning the students finished their expert books.  Then they all pitched in to help with my "punch list" items.  Some students created an All About Third Grade, Google Slides presentation to share with the current second graders, this afternoon, during Fly Up Day.  Others helped to clean, organize, and pack the room.

Then, right before outdoor recess and lunch, the entire third grade got to sign each other's yearbooks or autograph books (these were provided to students who did not purchase a yearbook).

When the students returned to class we shared more expert books and homework writing journal entries.  Then the children exchanged math board games and played them.

Next, the students went to fourth grade for Fly Up Day.  This is an opportunity for the children to hear a little bit about fourth grade and ask any questions they are wondering.  They do not meet with their actual teacher.  However, this will hopefully ease any anxieties they might have.

Finally, the entire school "clapped out" the fifth graders, who walked the hallways from k-5 to symbolize their journey through elementary school as they head to middle school this fall.

Hope to see my buddies for our final school day on Monday...remember, it is an early dismissal, though.

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