Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday - Marching towards Summer!

WOW!  So, here we are...we have arrived at the last full week of the school year.  Crazy!!!

This week will be a fun-filled week of learning that will stray from our regular routine.

We began the day by getting into new table groups.  The children chose their own table mates BUT they had to include both boys and girls and at least one member from each reading group.  After that, they had to create a team name.  Then they created a team flag.

Throughout the rest of the week I will award points, to table teams, for different academic, physical, and behavioral challenges.  Next Monday, the members of the winning team, who are present, will receive a small prize.

Next, many students had a chance to share their expert books.  Then we took a Go Noodle brain break.  Finally, I began reading the BFG out loud while some students worked on their expert books.

After enjoying outdoor recess and lunch, the children returned to class and either continued working on their math board games or played another group's game.

Then they went to PE with MR. Benco.

When they returned to class we began cleaning out their baskets.  This will be a slow process so that it is not too overwhelming.  Tonight students are to bring home their RRJ, math, and word work journals.  These should be taken out of their backpack and should NOT return to school.  Additionally, the children should empty out home folders.  However, the empty home folder should come to school each day this week.

Finally, we learned that a timeline is a visual way to identify important dates in history.  I showed the students an example of one and then modeled how to create one using important events from my life.  After that, the students began constructing a timeline using the dates from their All About Me homework assignment.

There is HOMEWORK posted on Google Classroom!

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