Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, after the announcements, we began our literacy block.  We took some time to review the grading rubric, or tool, that I will use to grade the children's expert books.  Then we looked at a few expert books written by third graders in MCPS schools.

Next the children worked on independent guided reading groups tasks and their expert books.  During this time I continued the May/June informal reading assessments and met with guided reading groups.

Pink:  In preparation for their new book, the students used kid friendly search engines to identify 3 interesting facts about fireworks.  They listed these, and 3 questions they were wondering about fireworks, in their RRJ.  In group,  we shared the interesting facts they discovered and shared the questions they were still wondering.  Next I handed out their new book, Fireworks, and we read over the table of contents turning each topic into a question.  After that, we worked with some of the essential vocabulary in the book.  Finally, we read the introduction.

Green:  Independently the students read pages 9-13 and, in their RRJ, explained how automobiles played a part in making doughnuts more popular.  In group, we reread  pages 9-13, stopping at the end of each paragraph to restate what we read.  Finally, the children shared how automobiles impacted the popularity of donuts.

Blue:  Independently, the children read pages 10-14.  Then, in their RRJ, they explained what a crop circle is and stated their opinion as to whether they are real or a hoax, using facts from the text to back up their opinion.  In group, we discussed what a crop circle is and the students argued, using facts from their books and their research on the Internet, as to whether they are real or a hoax.

After our literacy block the students enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

When the children returned to class, we reviewed the math game board project.  Then the students worked collaboratively, in their groups, on their games.  As they worked, I met with small groups to practice representing and solving word problems.

HOMEWORK is posted on Google Classroom.

After our math block, the students ended the day with Mrs. Graf, in music.

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