Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday....Winter Break Arrives!

This morning, after the announcements, we began our literacy block.

I modeled how to use the changes paragraph  organizer to type up the second informational paragraph for the technology tools inquiry project.

After that, the students worked independently.  First, all of the children used their organizers to type up their second paragraph.  Then, some students completed the Root-O vocabulary activity.  Finally, they worked on their holiday research project Google Slides presentation.

I did not meet with reading groups.  Instead I worked with individual students.  I helped students complete their second paragraphs and the vocabulary task.

After our literacy block the students enjoyed indoor recess and lunch.

After lunch we built and decorated rectilinear building out of graham crackers, vanilla icing, and candies.

Then the students chose to practice math skills using either Sumdog, Math Facts Pro, Multiplication Bump, or Toss It, Keep It.

I sincerely hope each of you has a happy and safe winter break!

I'll see you guys next year!  ;-)

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