Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thrilling Thursday - Another Change

This morning I attended an in-house meeting and we had In View there were naturally changes to our routine!

Most students went to either Mrs. Sligh or Miss Ricca's room and participated in a lesson about common root words.  A few of the children participated in the In View retesting.

We all returned to class at the same time and took a much needed Go Noodle brain break.

After the break I introduced a change to the way I will post and list independent work.  The tasks will now be listed and explained, in the same way, on two different pages.  The first page will identify the most important assignments that MUST be done.  The second page will name the tasks that are important but will not need to be made up.  The reason behind this change is to make the chart less daunting and overwhelming to students who are pulled for intervention groups, ESOL, or other needs, and for students who need more time to process and complete work.

After explaining this change, and answering questions about it, I reviewed today's assignments.

First, all groups began by rereading pages in their book and then identifying one fact and writing a green "go" question that it would answer.  Then the students worked on completing the informative paragraph organizer.  If they finished early they did a buddy check using their word work words and practiced cursive.

Due to the changes in our routine, I only met with one guided reading group.

Pink:We reviewed their lists of unknown words from last night's homework.  Then we reread pages 2 and 3 and identified a fact.  Finally, we wrote 2 green questions that the fact would answer.  This was very challenging for the group.  We will definitely revisit this concept.

After literacy, the students enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

When the children returned to the classroom we began our math block.

During the small group, teacher-led, instruction we practiced using the "break apart and distribute" property to solve more challenging multiplication facts.

Here's a brief description:

Given the problem 6 x 7 =  _____
we can break apart the 7 into a 5 and a 2 and have
5 sixes and 2 sixes  which would give us:
(5x6) + (2x6) =
30    +    12   =

During math with a partner the students completed writing 2 multiplication and 2 division equations for each fact family spinner.  This was continued from yesterday.

Finally, during the technology rotation the students worked on memorizing their basic facts using the multiplication or math fact pro sites.

HOMEWORK is posted on Google Classroom.

In between the first and second rotation the students went to art.

When they returned we completed our math block.

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