Monday, December 21, 2015

Marvelous Monday

This morning, after the announcements, we began our literacy block.

This week, in lieu of our regular guided reading groups, the students will be reading about 5 winter holidays and creating a Google Slides presentation to share their new knowledge.  So, I introduced the project, and resources, to the class before beginning our independent work time.

During independent work time today, the children completed unfinished work from last week.  First, they had to complete and turn in the reading formative from Friday.  After that they needed to finish the organizer for the second informational paragraph for the inquiry project.  Next the students needed to write three sentences using common roots.  Once all of these tasks, from last week, were done and turned in, the children began reading about the 5 winter holidays and creating a Google Slides Presentation.

During the time I typically meet with guided reading groups, I worked with individual students struggling with the inquiry project.  Together we highlighted important information in text and then used the planning organizer to help us write the first informational paragraph.  I also conducted the December informal reading assessments with children.

After our literacy block the students enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

When they returned to the classroom we began our math block.

This week we will review and practice determining the area of rectilinear, or composite, figures.

Today, I continued pulling groups to work on this skill.  While working independently, the students began creating a Winter Wonderland Village.

The village will include at least 3 buildings which will be made using centimeter grid paper.  Students will calculate the area of the rectilinear figures in their Winter Wonderland.  On Wednesday they will choose one building to build and decorate using graham crackers, icing, and candy.

After math the students went to PE with Mr. Benco.

When they returned to class, Miss Snyder, and some other teachers, joined us to continue our class meeting from Friday.  Today we identified scenarios as teasing, bullying, or just being mean.  Then we defined those behaviors and decided, and discussed, if each behavior had been correctly identified.

Remember, there is NO formal homework this week.  Students can practice facts using and practice reading using MyON.

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