Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

We began our day with our weekly class meeting.  First each child completed the starter, I wish..."  These were fun to hear.  The wishes ranged from horses to indoor pools to owning Kings Dominion!  After that, we shared thank yous and compliments.  Then we discussed a challenge...the instruction of cursive.  While I think it is important, it has been difficult to find the time.  Student suggestions included giving it for homework or having it out as an "after you are done with your work" type of activity.  I would love to hear parents' thoughts!!

Before beginning math, the students took a quick survey about instruction.  They used the Promethean board and active inspire devices to vote.  I was looking to see what type of instruction they prefer (whole group vs. small group) and whether they liked math, reading or writing best, this year and last year.  I discovered that math was the favorite last year and this and that the students prefer small group instruction.

Next we began our math rotations.  My rotation used the book, Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream to recognize multiplication situations and begin writing word problems.  The techno;logy rotation was a continuation from yesterday.  Students visited Multiplication Board (on the 3rd grade web site) and created arrays.  They wrote equations for the arrays in their math journal.  Finally, the guided group used the picture cards from yesterday along with "word templates" to write multiplication word problems and equations to match.

There is a multiplication worksheet for homework and we WILL have a math QUIZ tomorrow.

We began our reading and writing block by determine the correct meaning of the word mint for the text we read at the Philadelphia Mint web site.  Then we read a section of text about the history of the mint.  We located key details in the text.  Finally, we used those to identify the main idea.

After that, we learned how to color code and organize our research to help us write the informational paragraphs for our inquiry project.

While I meet with reading groups the students will complete individual reading group activities and color code their research facts.  They will choose two for the background paragraph and the other for the process or action paragraph.  Then they will read their facts and highlight it to match the paragraph it fits.

Sharks:  We met and practiced reading and writing our focus words for the week.  Then we reviewed the text features on page 6 and used the glossary to learn the meaning of the two words in bold print.  After that, the students whisper read, as I leaned in to listen.  For HOMEWORK the students needs to reread page 6.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  The students reread pages 3-12 and listed 3-5 repeated content words on a sticky note.  We shared these words in group.  Then I modeled using these words and the text features to identify the main idea.  I also used key details to write supporting sentences.  Finally we practiced reading and writing the focus words for this week.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread pages 14-22.

Cheetahs:  The children reread pages 8-12 and identified the main idea and used text support to explain their thinking, in their RRJ.  I was quite pleased with their work!  In group, the students took a small pop quiz on the affixes - re, un, ful and less.  For HOMEWORK they need to read pages 133-15.

Pandas:  The children reread the article "Aquarius" (and some reviewed the Learn Zillions main idea lesson) and identified the main idea and support from the text in their RRJ.  In group they took a short affix quiz covering re, un, less and ful.  For HOMEWORK the students need to preview the features page and read pages 4 and 5 in their new book.

We ended the day with science.  I modeled and explained how their vehicle will be built.  Students were able to see how I generated and tested solutions when I ran into problems building the vehicle.

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