Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thriving Thursday!

Our day began with a special visitor.  Officer Dixon came to speak to the entire third grade about Halloween safety and saying NO to drugs.

After he left, it was time to go to music.

When the students returned to class we shared the zoos they created in math a few weeks ago....better late then never, right?!?!  LOL!

We will have a math quiz tomorrow.  Use last week's quiz to prepare and review the division homework from this week, too.

I began our reading and writing block by presenting how the students will create their multi media presentation for the quarter 1 inquiry project.  I introduced the app Key Note on the iPad and demonstrated how to set up slides, add pictures, use transitions and a few other things.

After that, the students worked on individual reading groups assignments and completed their informative paragraphs.

Sharks:  We practiced reading and writing their focus words.  Then we used text features (table of contents, title, etc) and repeated wrods (community) to determine the main idea of the book.  I was SUPER excited because the children were able to do this!!!

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students, I was at a planning meeting, but the children continued working on their independent work and meeting in small groups with our substitute.

Dolphins:  Practiced reading and writing focus words.

Cheetahs:  Students reread How is Paper Made and identified the main idea, using specific examples from the text to elaborate.  They wrote this in their RRJ and discussed it in group.

Pandas:  The students viewed the pictures on pages 22-27.  They created a t-chart in their RRJ and on one side listed 3 questions they were thinking as they previewed this section.  Then they used the photos to make inferences in answer to their questions.  After that they read pages 22-27 to check their inferences.  In group they discussed the main idea of this section and share their questions and inferences.

At the end of the day the students identified businesses and the goods and services each provide.  Then they listed business in our community and discussed the goods and services provided by each.  Finally, they chose one business from our community, drew a picture of it and listed the goods and services it provides, in their social studies journal.

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