Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Picture Day!

We began our day by getting our individual pictures taken.  If you forgot to send in money, no worries--this year you can order the pictures after the proofs come home.

After that we had our weekly class meeting.  First, each child had the chance to share something that bothers him/her.  Then we shared compliments and thank yous.  After that we discussed challenges that the students have noticed.

I've got to say that this class is such a great group--we had many compliments and thank yous and the challenges were very simple (pushing in chairs, hanging up coats, etc.).  It's truly an honor to be able to work with this group.  They motivate me to be  on my "A" game each and every day!  :-)

Next we jumped into our daily math rotations.  The group working with me used an enVision animated video to draw a picture and write an equation, using a variable, to solve a word problem.  We discussed what the numbers represented and the relationship between them.  We also shared various strategies that we used to find the answer.

During the guided practice rotation, students worked with partners to determine the question, write an equation and solve a word problem.  They were given questions to use as part of the discourse with each other.

Finally, students visited the Active Multi Facts site, again, but today they concentrated on equations including a factor of 4 or 10.

For HOMEWORK there is a word problem worksheet.  Students must draw a picture and write an equation for each.

Due to counseling and the celebration of Mrs. Starkey's retirement, we only had the morning portion of our reading block.  So, the students continued the independent work from yesterday while I met with a couple of reading groups.

Sharks:  We reread pages 8-11 and discussed whether the journey was hard or easy.  I pointed out that the students were right, it was hard, and encourages them to find where the text said so.  They couldn't.  I explained that they had used what the text said to make an inference in order to answer my question.  Then we went back to identify specific details that supported their answer.  For HOMEWORK the students need to write their focus words 2 times each in a fun way.  They also need to read pages 14-17 and write 3 problems the pioneers face (I am hoping one of the problems is inferred--but it doesn't have to be), in their RRJ.

Pandas:  We shared and discussed the two facts they wrote after reading the National Geographic article for homework last night.  Then the students presented what they learned about a world record, related to speed.  For HOMEWORK they need to read for 20 minutes--free choice!  :-)

Following lunch and outdoor recess, Mrs. Howard visited to wrap up Red Ribbon Week.  First she showed the students pictures of candy and a drug that looks similar and had the students guess which was the candy and which was the drug.  Then the students identified what healthy options then could turn to when they said NO to drugs!

We ended the day with a school wide assembly in honor of Mrs. Starkey's retirement.  It was a nice send off for a special lady who has worked here for the past 26 years!  We will miss her a lot!

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