Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

The children began their day in art.  When I picked them up, Mrs. Gribbin-Lindemon showed me the wonderful mosaic pumpkin pictures they created.  She is displaying them in our school hallways but they will eventually make their way home to you!  :-)

When we returned to class we began our math rotations.  Students working with me, or Mrs. Benson, practiced representing division situations using concrete materials (manipulatives) and by drawing pictures.  We were concentrating on identifying what information is known and what is unknown.

The guided practice rotation had students playing a game called Toss and Talk, with a partner.  Students tossed a die to determine which space they would land upon.  Then they had to explain how to solve the word problem in that square.

Finally, students worked on memorizing their basic facts using Starfall.com.

There is a division worksheet for homework.

We began our reading and writing block by revisiting the expectations for the background information paragraph for the inquiry project.  First, we looked at the paragraph planning sheet and I highlighted the questions which needed to be addressed in that paragraph.  Addi tonally, I gave examples of sentences that could be included using many of the students' topics.  I also gave examples of what should NOT be included in that paragraph.

Next, we looked at the Educreations lesson I created for writing this paragraph.  I paused the lesson in several places and explained how students could do the same...using my writing as a template, so to speak.  Finally,, I reminded the students that the purpose of having these lessons on the third grade web site is not to watch it to check it off some mental checklist but to learn from it...if they need to view it more than once, they should do so!!!!!

While I met with small groups the students completed individual reading group assignments, worked on the writing portion of the inquiry project (specifically writing the background informative paragraph and, for some, revising their opinion paragraph),and  read the book The Big Green Pocketbook and identified 5 examples each of goods and services mentioned in the book.

Sharks:  First, the students practiced reading and writing their current focus words.  Then we reviewed the idea of inference and I modeled using the rural section of the book to make inferences based on the photographs.  After that, the students were told to write 2 inferences from the suburban section, in their RRJ.  Then they were supposed to read that section and determine if their inferences were correct, incorrect or not mentioned in the text.  While students were doing that task, I conferenced with individual students on their opinion paragraph for the inquiry project.  For HOMEWORK the children need to practice writing their focus words, 3 times each, in their RRJ and reread pages 6-9.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  We practiced reading and writing our focus words for the week.  Then we reviewed the concept of an inference.  After that we looked at the photographs in the book Hippos and practiced making inferences, based on the photos, and reading to see if we were correct.  Finally, I spent time conferencing with individual students on their opinion paragraph for the inquiry project.  For HOMEWORK the children need to write their focus words 3 times each and reread pages 8-13.

Cheetahs:  In their RRJ, the students identified the main idea of The Changing Earth (the entire book) and provided 2-3 examples of support from the text.  For HOMEWORK they need to read for 20 minutes--free choice.  I collected their books.  They will get new ones tomorrow.

Pandas:  In their RRJ the students identified the main idea of pages 9-13 of  Fast and Furious and provided 2-3 examples of support from the text.  For HOMEWORK they need to reread pages 4-13.

We ended the day by students working collaboratively to plan what type of tires they will test, and how they will affix their wheel coverings to the wheels, to make their car the fastest in the class.

RED RIBBON WEEK starts tomorrow.  Students should wear RED to remember to say NO to drugs and alcohol!

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