Friday, October 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday!

The students began their day in PE with Mr. Lee.

When they returned to class they took their math quiz.  After the quiz, I went over a few common errors, such as trying to subtract three numbers at a time and not lining up their columns when adding three numbers at a time.  These quizzes have been scored and should be kept in the math section of the binder.

After that, Mrs. Bartel showed the children how to use Kurzweill 3000.  This is a software package that reads text, on the computers or laptops, to the students.  It will help the children independently  access books that are more challenging.

Before independent work time, I reviewed the expectations for the multi media presentation the students will create , using Key Note on the iPad, in small groups.

Then the students worked to finish writing their informative paragraphs.  Those who are already done, began working on their Key Note presentations.

I met with reading groups and individuals who needed extra support with their writing.

Sharks:  I collected their Communities books and we chose a new book, which they will get next week.  Also, we took a mini quiz on this week's focus words and a pretest for next week's.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued their independent work while I met with more groups and individual students.

Dolphins:  We took a mini quiz on this week's focus words.  Then we reviewed the concept of a main idea and used our notes from the Learn Zillion lesson to remember how to identify it.  We discussed the main idea and support for the book Hippos.  Then we wrote a main idea sentence and a support sentence, using specific details from the text, in our RRJ.

Cheetahs:  We met and reviewed the main idea and support from How Paper is Made.  One student read their RRJ entry from yesterday as a model.

Pandas:  We read the final page in their books and discussed the weird speed records.  As we chatted, I saw their interest and decided that on Monday they will research a weird speed related record, write an informative paragraph about it and share it with the group.  The children seemed super excited to get started on this assignment!

We ended the day by viewing pictures and making inferences as to the goods and services provided by our government through tax dollars.

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