Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday!

This morning the students visited the media center.

After that, we headed to the computer lab to take the MAP-R.  This is the computerized, self-adjusting reading assessment that the students take three times a year beginning in third grade.  This assessment is used to plan instruction and determine how well the children are retaining what is being taught.

When we returned to class, I demonstrated using a number line to solve elapsed time word problems.  The lesson included both the end time and the elapsed time as unknowns (different problems, of course).  View it here.  The students had a chance to solve a problem independently and then we reviewed it.  For homework the children need to complete the worksheet.  If they get stuck, have them view today's lesson!

While the students were enjoying lunch and outdoor recess, I noticed that many students had many missing assignments.  So, we spent the afternoon catching up.  Students worked on the following; completing their issue research and graphic organizer, the Edmodo assignment about turning a natural resource into food, the -ly suffix map, the 3-2-1 summarizer reflecting on the article about producers and consumers and the root word vocabulary activity from earlier this week. 

I didn't pull any reading groups, so that the students would have a big block of time to complete their assignments.  Some students did not focus and will have to finish the tasks at home.

PLEASE check your child's planner...some students have a ton of work!

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