Monday, May 20, 2013

Marvelous Monday on May

We began our day with a class meeting.  As usual, we began with a group share.  Today each student had the chance to share what they would like to do between now and the end of the year.  Some ideas included; another service project for the cancer patients, a week without homework, an additional science project, a show and tell type day where students bring in and read their favorite books to the class, a class play, a video/slide show project serving as a year in review type thing and extra recess. 

I promised the children that I would think about all of these great ideas and figure out a way to incorporate many of them.

After that we shared compliments and challenges.

In reading we compared two pieces of informational text, in the format of a personal narrative, on the same topic and identified which provided more information and why.  The text was an interview with the illustrator EB Lewis in which he discusses people and events that motivated him to overcome personal challenges.  So, of course, we identified the person and events and discussed how it impacted EB Lewis.

During our writing lesson, student groups got a chance to share their newsletter story boards with the rest of the class.  This gave each group a chance to review their plans and to get ideas from other groups.

In math we viewed two flip charts (one used Active Expressions, so it was interactive) to identify the perimeter of figures.  There is a worksheet for homework.

Following lunch and recess, Mrs. Howard visited to continue her lessons on career choices.

We ended the day by viewing a Discovery Channel video about what happens to our trash once it leaves our house.  After the video we had a great conversation about landfills, bringing trash to create energy used in homes and recycling.

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