Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Picture Day - Monday

We began our day with our regularly scheduled class meeting.  The main focus of the meeting was the Promethean Board.  Our group share gave each child a chance to say anything they wanted to about the Promethean Bord.  After that, we shared compliments.  The the students had a chance to express concerns they had with the Promethean Board.  Students didn't indicate they had any issues so I shared a few that had entered my mind.  These mostly pertained to classroom management...using the board as anchor activities, remembering what is on my computer screen is now televised to the class, unless I freeze it, etc.)  Finally, the class and I began to create a flip chart to help manage the independent work block.

After our class meeting, we revisited the concept of identifying the main idea of a passage of text.  We used informational text about robots.  Today we focused on identifying the topic and concluding sentences to help name the main idea.

After that, we viewed different school and class newsletters to get a feel for different layouts and types of articles included.

Then we went to the gym to have the students spring portraits taken.

When we returned to class, we were overdue to begin math.

In math we began a lesson sorting and classifying shapes based on different attributes.  We experienced a few technological difficulties...ugh!  So the lesson was quite disjointed and incomplete.  SO...for homework, the students are to go to Edmodo and view the Educreations lesson that I created while they were at lunch and recess.  Then they are to use the lesson to name the shapes on the last page of the Educreations lesson.  This should be turned in directly through Edmodo...but I will reluctantly take it handwritten on a piece of paper.

Following the enjoyment of lunch and recess, Mrs. Howard visited to do the first part of her career lesson with the children.  We ended the day by viewing a Magic School Bus video about the decomposition process.  We actually watched the segment that explicitly discusses the process, twice.  Then we recounted it through discussion with partners, first, and then the whole class.

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