Friday, May 24, 2013

TGIF - Memorial Weekend, already?!?!

Wow!  This year has flown by!!!!  We have three more weeks of third grade!  Where does the time go?

The children began their day in music.

When they returned we shared a craft idea book, brought in by one of our friends, to scout out new ideas for the service project we will produce.  After that, students had a chance to share their folktale plans with the class, in order to rehearse their story and to provide ideas for those who haven't finished yet.

While I met with a few students to do informal reading assessments, the students completed their folktale planning sheets and their newsletter rough drafts.  After that, they were to complete any other unfinished work and fix any pink words.  Then they were able to read silently.

In math we took a quiz.  They have been scored and returned to students.

Following lunch and recess our kinder buddies visited.  Together we used our folktale planning sheets and the Toontastic app on the iPad to create our folktales.  We will finish them next Friday and share them the following week!

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