Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

The students began their day in PE. 

When we returned to class, we read The Secret World of Walter Anderson, a literary nonfiction, biography about the famous artist.  We discussed the book and used Google maps to "visit" Horn Island.

For independent work, students worked on individual reading group assignments, finished revising their opinion paragraphs for word choice (using a thesaurus), completed the recycle, reduce, reuse article from yesterday, and read an ebook called Baking Bread while charting the 3 types of resources used in the production of bread, in their social studies journal.

Sharks:  We met and reused several biographies.  Then we identified questions we had about famous people.  I explained that some questions were closed, meaning they required one word answers, such as, yes or no.  These questions weren't good for research purposes.  Open questions are those how and why questions that encourage research to provide more detailed and elaborate answers.  These are the type we want to identify to guide our research. Unfortunately, several students took advantage of the lack of structure during our group time and participation was limited.  For homework, the students are expected to identify 5 open questions, in their RRJ, they would like to use when researching a famous person.

In math we used a flip chart (technology tool which will become an everyday thing when the Promethean Boards are installed later this week) to review the tools and units used to measure different attributes.  Then we focused on liquid volume, or capacity.  The students were told that 1 mL is about the size of an eyedropper and a L is about the size of a vase.  WE determined whether different objects (think fish tank, coffee mug, etc.) would be measure in mL or L.  For homework the students will be solving word problems involving capacity.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Cheetahs:  They were given a vocabulary sheet to complete using three words from their new book (specimen, politician and sanctuary).  Unfortunately, they didn't complete their work before group, so it became homework.  They may use the online dictionaries linked to the blog.  In group we reviewed both the dictionary and thesaurus entries on the Webster's Online Dictionary site.

Yellow Jackets:  Independently the students chose a word from The Green Man (from a list I provided) and completed a vocabulary word for it.  In group we reviewed the parts of the vocabulary web and explored both the dictionary and thesaurus entries in the Encyclopedia Britannica online edition.  Most students do not have homework...two students need to finish their web at home, tonight.

Snakes:  We began a new reading program today.  Today was the first lesson.  Each lesson will last two days.  Today the students received a word list.  We practiced reading the word list and identifying the silent letter(s) in each word.  They need to reread this list tonight.  Then I gave a thorough book introduction before we practiced reading the book.  Tonight they also need to reread the book.

Science and social studies were integrated into our reading block today.  Hopefully, we will have time tomorrow to review the production process of bread before learning about specialization.

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