Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday - African Dancing!

This morning the students began their day in art.  When they returned to class, we practiced using headings to identify the main idea of text.  First, we turned the heading into a question.  Then we read the portion of text and bulleted details that answered the question.  After that, we used the questions and bulleted details to identify and name the main idea.

Next, we viewed a main idea flip chart that presented a great visual for understanding the concept of main idea.
While I meet with groups the students will complete individual reading group assignments, finish their storyboards for the newsletter in their small groups and use the scavenger hunt checklist to make sure their storyboard includes all of the requirements, and complete any unfinished work.
Sharks:  We met and reviewed last night's homework (ou/ow word sort).  Then we identified the topic of the book and began discussing if the horse knew he was saving a life.  For classwork or homework (dependent on student choice and time) the children need to reread the book and mark places that support their personal opinion of whether or not the horse knew he was saving the man's life.
In math, we used the warm up to review the attributes of different quadrilaterals and calculating elapsed time.  See pictures!
Then we went to the computer lab.  In the lab we used a virtual geoboard to create quadrilaterals based on given criteria.  All students have an elapsed time classwork worksheet for homework.  We will have a quiz tomorrow!  Students will be solving word problems and drawing, naming and listing attributes of quadrilaterals.
The picture below can be used to study for the quiz.  It will be on Edmodo, too!
Following lunch and indoor recess the students will continue their independent work while I meet with more groups.
Cheetahs:    The students used the title of their new book (Champion Billy Mays) to write a main idea question.  Then they read the book and created a bulleted list of facts to answer the question.  In group I realized that the students were confused by this assignment.  SO tomorrow, we will complete it, again, together.
We spent the rest of the day at a cultural arts assembly.  We enjoyed a music and dance presentation performed by Africans from Senegal.

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