Friday, May 10, 2013

Promethean Board Friday

Well, today was THE day...we finally got our PROMETHEAN BOARD!!!!!  It did not disappoint, at all!

After beginning the day in music, the students returned to the classroom and our exploration and discovery began!!  Well, for most of us....some had to complete unfinished work from the week (reading about and identifying  resources used in the production of bread, reading about and defining reduce, reuse and recycle, and publishing their final draft of the opinion paragraph), before joining the rest of us.

It would be rather challenging to explain all that we learned...but trust us, it was a lot!  The pictures below SHOULD help!

 We used various resources included in the Active Inspire software package to learn how to use the Promethean board.  The students above are solving a magic square.  They had to identify the rule for rows and the rule for columns, using the known numbers in the squares.  Then they had to apply the rules they identified to fill in the unknown number squares.
Above and to the right, students are using another resource included with the software.  It's Soduko, a logic game.

 To the right, a students is solving a division equation as part of a Jeopardy game.  This resource was provided by MCPS, I believe.

To the left, students are playing a memory game.  Again, included with the software.

To the right, a students is identifying important information in a word problem.  Above, a students is circling key words in a word problem and writing the operation required, according to the key words.
Following lunch and outdoor recess, we used the Promethean board to review last night's homework.  See below.
We ended this exciting day working with our Kinder Buddies.  We learned about our next project...we will work in small groups to plan and create a folktale.  The final product will be a cartoon of the folktale using the iPad app, Toontastic.  See pictures below.

We had a GREAT day! 
Remember, Monday is Spring Picture Day!

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