Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

The children began their day in the media center with Mrs. Rose. 

When they returned to class, we went over a few odds and ends.  First, I shared the link that I emailed to all parents this morning.  I told the children they did not have to download the software (not a class requirement) and they were not allowed to do so without their parent's permission.  Then I showed the students how to use the software with homework assignments posted on Edmodo.

After that, I reminded students that the realistic fiction picture book is due no later than Friday.  My grades are due over Spring Break.  So, whatever is completed by Friday afternoon will be scored.

Finally, I shared the news that we will be getting kindergarten book buddies on Friday.  We will be meeting with our kindergarten buddies on Friday to read a story and work on comprehension skills.  I've never done this before but I am sure it will be a fun and rewarding experience for all involved!

Next, I reminded the students of my personal goal (well, one of them) for the next marking period...I would like to incorporate science and social studies instruction into our independent work.  With that in mind, we defined economics and defined the idea of income, expense and financial decision making.

During independent work time today the students will work on completing their realistic fiction picture book.  Then they will read the Healthful Foods article and write 3 things they learned and 1 question they still have.  After that, they will complete an activity called Money Goal where they have to make and explain a financial decision.

In math we continued working towards the memorization of the basic multiplication facts.  First, though, we learned how to quickly multiply tens, hundreds and thousands, by counting zeroes and adding them to our answer...let me give you an example.  To multiply 3 x 400, you would calculate 3x4 and add 2 zeroes to the end.

While Mrs. Head and I met with small groups, the students chose between 4 different ways to practice the multiplication facts.  One choice was Ken Ken.  Another was the multiplication app through Edmodo.  The last two choices were the games we played, in class, on Monday and Tuesday.  These were games that are printed on worksheets.

One group I met with practiced identifying equivalent fractions.  The second group drew representations of improper fractions.

Mrs. Head worked with students to correctly partition grids and identify fractions.  She also met with a group to identify fractions on a number line.

There is a multiplication worksheet fro homework.

Following lunch and recess the students continued working on their realistic fiction picture book, reading and responding to the Healthful Foods article, and writing about a financial decision.

There is an EDMODO homework assignment.  The students need to read an article and write 1-2 sentences explaining the issue.

Towards the end of the afternoon reading/writing block, some students shared their realistic fiction books with the class.  These will be sent home on Friday, after we share them with our kindergarten buddies.

We ended the day with science.  We began watching a Power Point presentation about nutrition labels.  The class had great questions and comments to add, so we didn't finish.  We will revisit the Power Point tomorrow afternoon.

Students are encouraged to check out this nutrition web site.

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