Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF - Bingo Night!!

This morning I was out of the building but Mrs. DeLisi, a former MCPS teacher, was here in my place.

The class began by revisiting the characteristics of literary non-fiction and then read The Snow Walker, a true story that took place during the blizzard of 1888.  This was the same setting as the historical fiction novel, Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm, which we read earlier in the marking period.

After that, the class continued working on their realistic fiction picture books.

During math, the students took a quiz on fractions.  These have been scored and returned to the students.  Look for them in your child's math section in his/her binder.

I returned just prior to the students going to lunch and outdoor recess.

After recess, we reviewed how heat travels and the idea that heat will flow between objects in order to equalize the temperature.  We watched a short animated clip, reviewed the chart we created while conducting our experiments earlier in the week, and read informational text.

Then the students went back to their seats to answer two questions:  How does heat travel?  What happens to objects that are different temperatures?  They also had to draw a picture or diagram to support their responses.  These will be scored this weekend and returned to the students on Monday.

We ended the day by visiting the media center.

Don't forget tonight is Bingo Night.  It begins at 6 and runs until 8.  I will be there with my two boys!  Hope to see many of you there!!

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