Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday - Class Picture Day

We began the morning with me explaining an idea I had regarding celebrating our mistakes.  I have thought about labeling a portion of our wall or bulletin board space with, Mistakes I Found" or something like that.  Then students would be able to fill out an award for a mistake they corrected and hanging it in that area.  Some students loved the idea.  Others thought it was okay.  None of them, though, disliked the idea.  So, we may do just that!  :-)

Next, we viewed a Power Point about illustrating books and discussed how the illustrations added details to the story.

After that, I reviewed how to begin illustrating the books.  First, the children need to space out their text.  They need to decide which sentences should be on each page and where they want the sentences (top, middle, bottom).  After doing that, they will either print out the story and illustrate it by hand or they can choose to create their pictures using the laptop or iPad. 

Before the students returned to their seats, I revisited how to create pictures, using Pixie for the laptop and Penultimate for the iPad, and then import the illustrations into their text.

Finally, the students went back to work on their stories.  Some finished editing and revising their text, while others began illustrating their books.

In math we reviewed comparing fractions and identifying equivalents.  Then we identified how to name wholes as a fraction (ex. 3/1 or 6/2).  Finally, we made the connection between fractions and division.  For example, 6/2=3, you need to have 6 parts in groups of 2 ( 6 divided by 2), which will give you three wholes.

There will be a quiz tomorrow.  Students should use Quiz 5 to prepare for it.

After enjoying lunch and recess the students went to art.

When they returned they met in their small groups and discussed what they learned from yesterday's science experiment.  Then we gathered into a whole group and shared each group's data.  After that, we attempted to draw some conclusions from the data but it was a struggle.  So I explained how I could look at the information and figure out a few things.

The water in the two cups appeared to move towards the room temperature.  However, the two groups that did not take the temperature of the water this morning, did not see the temperatures get as close to the room temperature as the others.  So, we know that it takes longer for the temperatures in the cups to equalize to room temperature.  Unfortunately, many students struggled with this idea.  So, we will revisit it tomorrow afternoon.

Reminders:  Math quiz tomorrow
Memorize basic multiplication facts (
Media Center tomorrow!

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