Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

The children began their day with PE.  When they returned to class, I explained the purpose of an author's note and a dedication in a published book.  Then I told the students they had the option of adding one, or both, to their realistic fiction picture books.  I encouraged them to look through books in our classroom to see examples of these two items before adding them to their work.

The students then continued publishing and illustrating their books.  Those who felt their books were complete, added a front and back cover.  Finally, they turned them in for me to bind and grade.

In math we reviewed comparing fractions and identifying equivalent fractions during our warm up.  Then I introduced another game for the children to play in groups of 2 or 4 which will help with the memorization of the multiplication basic facts.  For homework, students are expected to visit mathfactcafe.com and spend 15 minutes practicing the basic multiplication facts.  Students were offered a worksheet as another option, for homework.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the students met Mrs. Howard in the computer lab to complete a web displaying examples of how they demonstrate self esteem.

Upon returning to the classroom, Mrs. Benson introduced the web site math fact cafe to the students and provided time for them to investigate the site.  I was at an in-house meeting.

There is no Edmodo homework tonight but will most likely be an assignment tomorrow night.

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