Friday, March 22, 2013


Ahhh... the last day of school before Spring can feel the excitement in the air!

The children began their day in music.

When they returned to the classroom, they were given time to complete their realistic fiction picture book, as well as, the Healthful Foods and Financial Decision Making activities.  Additionally, the students were told to clean out and organize their desks so that when we return from our break we are ready to begin the fourth marking period.

Before beginning math, the students who have not shared their realistic fiction picture books with the class, were given a chance to do so.

In math we worked towards the goal of memorizing the basic multiplication facts using the paper games introduced earlier in the week, math fact cafe, Ken Ken and the Edmodo app.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we defined body image and self esteem and had a great discussion about how they are linked and importance of  accepting yourself for who you are.

we ended the day my visiting kindergarten and getting reading buddies.  We read our realistic fiction picture book to our buddy and they read their "Rr" book to us.  Then we began creating Keynote presentations so that we can introduce each other to our classmates.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

See you April 3!

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