Monday, March 4, 2013

MSA Monday

We started the day by completing the first or two parts of the Reading MSA.  I am very proud of the children.  I saw students using their strategies and putting effort into their work.  Yippee!

After that, the rest of the students shared their rough drafts (up to introducing the problem) of the realistic fiction picture book assignment.  As we did on Friday, after each child shared, the class offered two things the author did well and then we checked to make sure the main character, setting and problem were easy to identify.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we reviewed the symbols used to compare things in math; greater than, less than, and =.  The students were told to remember that the mouth opens to the greater (or larger) side.  Then we watched a short animated clip explaining that when the denominator is the same, you merely have to look at the numerator to determine if two fractions are equal or one is greater than (or less than) the other.

Next, we reviewed the terms; symmetry, area and perimeter.  The students practiced this math vocabulary in various ways.  Some used the virtual manipulative web site and others traced pattern blocks and square tiles.  Here is some of their work:

HOMEWORK:  Students are to relax, go to bed early and eat a good breakfast!

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