Friday, January 11, 2013


I apologize for the lack of a blog post yesterday, but I was out sick!!

In short, the students wrote a rough draft for their opinion paragraph, worked on reading group assignments, used pattern blogs to identify and write fractions of a whole and learned about the African desert by listening to a Ranger Rick article.

Today, the children began their day in music.

When they returned to class, they worked in small groups to identify cause and effect statements in the article, What Would a Movie be Without Popcorn?".  Have way through their small group time, I gave each student a definition of cause and effect and a list of keywords.

Afterwards, we shared their cause and effect statements and discussed how the keywords helped.

Next, we viewed and discussed a Power Point comparing adjectives and adverbs.  The Power Point also explained comparative (comparing two, add -er) and superlative (compares more than 2, add -est to 1 syllable words and most before multi-syllabic words) adjectives and adverbs.

Then the students completed all unfinished work from the week including their opinion paragraph.

During math, the students constructed this partitioning of a whole on Geo Boards.  Then we discussed whether or not this shows fourths.  What do you think?  Does it?  Actually, it does!!!  Fractions have to be equal in area/value but the parts can look different.  Go back and check it out...each section is composed of 4 square units.

This afternoon the students will take the MAP-M assessment.  This is a computerized math assessment they take three times a year to help guide our instruction.

Have a great weekend!

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