Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be careful what you wish for...2 hour delay!

So...this morning, when I got out of bed and heard there was a two hour delay, I was exited to go back to bed...I can't's true!  HOWEVER, looking back, it feels like our routine has been anything but, for so long, that it would have been nice to have a regular day!

Moving forward, though, we have had a busy, productive day!

We started our day with math.  We reviewed yesterday's lesson which was labeling fractions of a whole on a number line.  The students completed a practice worksheet, independently, then worked with two fractions apps on the iPad.  Mrs. Head worked with a couple of students using manipulatives to solve problems.  I pulled individual students to review errors on their independent work.  There is a fraction worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow.  The quiz will look just like last week's...only the numbers will be changed!

Next up was lunch! 

After lunch, the children revised their reading group assignments from yesterday, with feedback from me.  Then they fixed pink words and read silently.

Next we read the second chapter of Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm.  We identified how Anna's action (wanting to go to school for the spelling bee)  led to the next event (Grandpa leaving the house to take her to school).

After that, we retold the story Brave Irene and I began modeling how to complete a character analysis chart.  Next week, the children will complete a character analysis chart for the main character in their reading group book.  I said this MULTIPLE times to drive home the importance of focusing on my lesson and asking questions if they were confused.

On the chart, I identified the problem and solution in Brave Irene and made sure to explain how the solution had to match the problem.  Then I recounted Irene's action leading from the problem to the solution and noted why she did each.

We ended the day by revisiting the map of North America and making a mental map by visualizing it in our heads.  Then the students returned to their seats to sketch a map of North America in their social studies journals.  I was quite impressed...they did a great job!

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