Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

For homework tonight, the children are to visit Edmodo and do the assignment I have posted.  They will click on the words, "Forms of Energy", to read the article that is attached.  Then they will post a reply to the assignment stating one type of electrical energy and one type of kinetic energy.  Finally, and this is easy to forget, they need to click the "Turn In" button that is towards the top of the assignment.

On to our day...

The students started their day in PE.

When they returned to class we reviewed how to complete assignments on Edmodo.  Then I showed the students tonight's science homework.

Next, we reviewed point of view; first person - a character in the story is telling the story, and third person - a narrator (someone not involved in the story) is telling the story. Then we read chapter 5 of Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm, and identified that a narrator is telling the story.  Additionally, I modeled how some of the text would change if Anna or Grandpa was telling the story.  After that, we discussed the change in Anna and Grandpa's relationship and related that to the point of view.

Then we moved onto writing.  Our writing lesson focused on identifying the theme in text.  We viewed and discussed a Power Point presentation identifying the difference between main idea and theme.  In short, the theme of a text is a lesson the author wants to teach readers.  It is RARELY stated in the text.

While I meet with small groups the students will complete individual reading groups assignments, they will create a cartoon for our WOW word, blunder (a silly or careless mistake) and they will practice writing I and J in cursive.

Sharks:  We met and reviewed the main character and the problem in the story.  Then we read the rest of the book.  After that, we discussed how Tony's feelings about being tall had changed and why.  Independently they will answer the three questions in the back of their book, in their RRJ.

In math we practiced measuring to the nearest half inch.  The lesson can be viewed here.  The students worked on two activities (counting by halves and measuring to the nearest half inch) while we met with small groups.  Mrs. Benson pulled a group to practice counting by halves.  I pulled a group to practice partitioning rectangles into equal groups.  There is a measurement worksheet for homework.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with small groups.

Cheetahs:  They read chapter 2 and wrote about the main characters actions in chapter 1 leading to the events in chapter 2.  In group we discussed this and I modeled writing a complete response.

Yellow Jackets:  The children read chapters 2 and 3 and wrote about the changes in Rachel's feelings in the first three chapters.  We discussed this in group.

Snakes:  They reread pages 2-6 and listed words with the long e sound.  In group we sorted the long e words according to the way the long e sound was spelled.  Then we read pages 8-12.

We ended the day by reading an online book about heat and light energy.

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