Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I appear to have a black cloud over my head.

As you are probably aware, I battled the flu towards the end of last week. 

Well, this morning, while running, my knee popped and I was no longer able to put weight on my knee.  I hobbled into school but will have to leave early to see a doctor.

PLEASE KNOW, I hate the disruptions to my routine and feel badly about the amount of time I have missed from work.    I DO leave the children in good hands and prepare detailed plans so that instruction continues in my absence.

Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions...I check email from home!

I am planning to be back tomorrow morning but I truly do not know what wild goose chase I am about to embark upon.  I will know more after visiting my GP today.

In the meantime, I will try to keep up with the blog posts.

The children began their day in PE.  After that, we went to the computer lab where they took the second installment of the MAP-R.  This is the computerized READING assessment that self-adjusts to each student's level based upon their answers during the test.  The data helps me know what the children have learned and plan for future instruction.

When we return to class, I will explain the African Desert research project that we began yesterday.

The students will be working in small groups to become experts on the African Desert, mainly the Sahara.  They began yesterday by asking questions they want to answer.  They will use these questions to determine and identify the relevant information in the resources they read, both online and in hard copy paper text.

After gathering information (using books and Internet sites) about the culture,geographic characteristics, climate and plant/animal life, they will create a 4 slide Key Note presentation (involving graphics and text) to present to Mr. Vogel's class.

The students will work on this throughout the day today and tomorrow.

This project encompasses reading, writing, social studies and technology.

During math we will continue to identify and name fractions of a whole.  Today we will return to Cuisenairre Rods.

There will be a math worksheet for homework.

The entire afternoon will be spent on the African Desert research project described above.

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