Monday, January 28, 2013

Another 2 hr. delay..Happy Monday!

This morning we began our day with the students getting Edmodo accounts (those who didn't over the weekend) and then exploring the site and the apps.  Parents, I encourage you to check out your child's account from home.  You can use the parent code (on the right hand side) to set up your own account!

After the students had a chance to explore, I introduced the Fractions app to the class and had them work on it independently.  For homework tonight, the children should return to the Fractions app on Edmodo and spend at least ten minutes playing it.  Also, they need to reply to my homework question, which will be posted on the site.

Those who are absent and have not set up an account, you can visit and enter the class code, 2n7lw2, this is a NEW class code!!!

After eating lunch, the students returned to class and I handed out a sheet explaining the characteristics of historical fiction text.  As we read down the list of descriptors, we identified aspects of Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm that qualified for each.  The students are expected to keep this sheet in the reading section of their binder.

Next, we read chapter 3 and 4 of the novel.

Then each student was given a copy of a change matrix, which will be stored in the reading section of their binder.  We completed parts of the change matrix for Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm.

Next, we completed the character analysis for Brave Irene.  Then I showed the students a model paper for a character analysis of Brave Irene.  The childrens' next writing piece will be a character analysis for the main character in their reading group book.  So, after reading the model paper to the class, we went through and broke it down, by paragraph, identifying what the author included in each section.

We ended the day by unpacking our new science kit and identifying objects that give off both light and heat.

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