Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

After playing volleyball in PE, the children returned to the classroom and we discussed yesterday's ice cream making during science.  We had a few difficulties due to the fact that the children were not following written or verbal directions.  So, once again, we discussed the need to follow directions and that included going back to the text and rereading written ones!!

After that, we reviewed the background knowledge we gained from the video clip and diagram we viewed in class yesterday about popcorn.  Then we read an article called, "How Popcorn Pops" and identified examples of cause and effect within the text.

While I met with small groups the students identified 3 more examples of cause and effect, from the article, on a chart.  Then they completed unfinished work from yesterday, including individual reading group assignments, identifying facts from their tech tools research and practicing their cursive and spelling using word wall words.

Cheetahs:  We met and discussed why the shoemaker returned the gold instead of spending it, suing their "Building your Answer" sheet.  Then the students completed the rest of the worksheet identifying the answer they liked best and why they thought it was a good answer.

In math we completed the activity we began yesterday using Cuisennaire rods to identify and name fractions of a whole.  I met with a small group to practice name fractions of a whole.  There is a 3 addend addition worksheet (review) for homework.  Students can use any strategy to solve these problems but must show evidence of their strategy.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, we packed up for home since we had a chorus and band concert this afternoon.  Then the students continued to work independently while I met with another reading group.

Sharks:  We shared last night's homework and practiced visualizing the events in the chapter in our minds.  After that, we discussed the cause (squeezing the rock) and the effect (hovering in mid air) in the chapter and related it to how Jake's actions caused other events to unfold.

Snakes:  Completed their RRJ entries about their personal fear.

Yellow Jackets:  Completed the Interpreting Words activity in their packet.

WE ended the day with an assembly.  We were treated to the chorus, band and string concert.

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