Thursday, April 19, 2012


This morning we began reading by enjoying another chapter in Jack Prelutsky's book.  Then we reviewed the parts of speech we've learned this year, paying special attention to adjectives.  We created a chart that is now hanging in the classroom for the students to use as a resource.  After that, we briefly identified the difference between phrases and sentences and noticed their use in several Shel Silverstein poems.  Finally, I introduced the format of cinquain poetry.

Cinquain - 5 lines
Line 1:  2 syllables (subject)
Line 2:  4 syllables (describe the subject)
Line 3:  6 syllables (action involving the subject)
Line 4:  8 syllables (feeling about the subject)
Line 5:  2 syllables (another word for the subject)

Here's an example of one I wrote in front of the class:

Bounding throughout the house
Love her spunky disposition

In math we reviewed the relationship between multiplication and division.  We also practiced using skip counting to find the answer to a division problem.  Then, using both these ideas we conquered finding the quotient when dividing larger numbers using zero (think, 420 divided by 7 = 60).  We began a worksheet as a whole group.  Then students finished the worksheet independently as Mrs. Benson and I wandered around providing individuals with extra help, as needed.  There is a basic facts division worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow covering multi digit multiplications, identifying fractions and mixed numbers on a number line and finding fractions of a set.

Following art, lunch and outdoor recess the students will work on writing cinquain poems (at least 2) and identifying adjectives in sentences.  Then they will complete any unfinished work and read independently.  I will meet with reading groups.

Crabs:  After identifying some vocabulary words in chapter one, the students read that chapter silently and wrote about the problem in their RRJ.

Lions:  reread chapter 12 and compared Gooseberry Park to Professor Albert's house in their RRJ.

Bears:  We reviewed the characters in the book, discussing their relationships and describing the traits that were evident in chapter 1.

Reading groups ran over, so we didn't get to our science lesson. 

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