Friday, April 13, 2012


This morning in reading we continued reading the Jack Prelutsky biography and discussing his writing tips.  Then we reviewed the structure of poetry by labeling a poem entitled, "As Soon as Fred Gets Out of Bed".  After labeling the rhyming pattern, I identified this poem as a couplet since it contained sets of two lines that rhymed and had the same number of syllables.

Next, the students received a list of directions for writing couplets.  I used these directions to model writing a poem.  As I've suggested and we've read in Mr. Prelutsky's book, I chose a topic with  which I was familiar; Lulu (my dog) peeing on the carpet.

Here's the poem:


Oh, Lulu, how could you
When will you get a clue?

The carpet is not the place
Pee outside for goodness grace!

In math we reviewed fractions of a set in whole group.  Then the students worked on a practice worksheet while Mrs. Benson and I each worked with a small group to practice using the skip counting strategy to solve these problems.  I also met with my number line small group from yesterday.

Next the class visited the media center and enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

After recess, the students attempted to write 2 different couplets poems, with 4 lines each.  We will begin sharing and getting feedback on these Monday.  I met with two reading groups.

Bears:  We added more words to out RRJ to prepare for our new book Bunnicula.  We will begin reading chapter 1 on Monday.

Lions:  We continued writing a summary on the white board of chapters 1-10 in Gooseberry Park.

We ended the day by observing a dry bean and a soaked bean.  We recorded our observations in the science packet that was handed out today.

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