Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day, already!?!?!

When you begin your week on Tuesday, the middle of the week sure comes quickly!!

During our morning reading block, we stumbled upon an autobiography written by a poet, Jack Prelutsky, that explains how he turns his life experiences into poems.  So, we began reading the book as a read aloud.

After that, I modeled how to choose a topic, decide what you want to say about it and then turn it into an acrostic poem.  Acrostic poetry are poems in which each line begins with a letter in the title.  for example:

Dynamic personality
Always on the go
Never sits still
Annoying at times!

Next the students were instructed to complete their personal inventories from yesterday and glue them into their writer's notebook.  Then they needed to write at least 2 acrostic poems; one using their name and the other using a subject.  Finally, they need to complete the combining two sentences activity from yesterday.

In math we continued identifying fractions of a set.  Today we practiced this in small group and independently using cubes.  We are experiencing challenges.  Therefore, we will continue this tomorrow, using a new strategy.  Our homework tonight practices naming equivalent fractions.

Before going to lunch we began planting our seeds for our Plant Growth and Development science unit.

Following lunch and recess, I reviewed acrostic poetry with a small group of students.  The rest of the class continued working on their work from this morning.  Then I met with the crabs reading group.

Crabs:  We reviewed chapter 1-8 of their reading book.  Using a white board, we wrote a group summary.  The first person wrote one sentence and then each person added a sentence until we had a summary of the important events.

We ended the day by completing the planting of our seeds.

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