Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

This morning we read two more chapter in the Jack Prelutsky book and added new writing tips to our class chart.  After that, we reviewed the characteristics of a fantasy story.  The we read The Paper Bag Princess and identified the author's message (or moral) of the story.  Finally, we learned the structure of a diamante poem (a 7 line poem that compares two different subjects).

Independent work, this afternoon, includes; writing about the author's message in The Paper Bag Princess using support from the story, writing two diamante poems in the students' writer's notebook and reading silently.

In math we began the money section of unit5.  Today the students reviewed identifying counting coins up to a dollar.  Students were also introduced to several new anchor activities, including two money "apps" for the Ipads.  There is a money worksheet for homework tonight.

Following music, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

After recess, the students worked independently on the assignments listed above.  I met with reading groups.

Bears:  We shared and discussed the "unusual happenings" that the students marked in their books on Fridays.  Then we began reading chapter 4.

Lions:  We discussed who  had the watch which was the groups follow up from Friday's reading assignment.  Then we began reading chapter 16 and discussed how Murray "snuck" the watch out of Ralph's house.

We ended the day by learning about the interdependence between bees and plants.  We discussed cross pollination and began learning about the 3 different types of honey bees.

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