Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

This morning we began our reading block by sharing the 2 facts and a fib activity that the students completed yesterday using the Shel Silverstein biography.  Then we read two chapter of the Jack Prelutsky book. 

After that, we reviewed figurative language as a tool authors (and poets) use to create a picture in their readers minds.  We read a Shel Silverstein poem and identified examples and alliteration.  Then we discussed similes and metaphors.  I shared a metaphor that Mr. Vogel found in a cooking magazine.

During independent work time, the children will copy the metaphor I shared (My scuba guide led me through a school of fish the colors of Mexican soda.) into their RRJ and illustrate it.  We will use these illustrations tomorrow when we discuss the importance of understanding the comparison in a metaphor or simile.  Then the students will write a couplet (of at least 4 mines) and illustrate it for a grade.  If they have time leftover the students will choose between reading or writing poetry.

Moving on to math...yesterday, I thought the students understood the 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication process.  Unfortunately, upon reviewing their independent work, I quickly discovered I was wrong!  So, today we reviewed it using white boards before moving onto independent practice (ie. a worksheet).

While students worked independently, Mrs. Benson worked with a small group reinforcing today's lesson.  I pulled a small group to review identifying fractions of a set.  Then I worked with individual students who struggled with their independent work.  For homework all students need to finish the worksheet from classwork today.

After going to PE and enjoying lunch and recess, my students worked on the independent work listed above as I met with reading groups.

Crabs:  We read and discussed chapter 10, thereby finishing the book.  Then we discussed whether or not we liked the book.  Many students said the book was too easy.  I reminded the group that they struggled answering a couple of the comprehension questions.  That led to a discussion regarding how "meaty" the book was...we talked about the fact that the chapters were short and didn't have a lot of details.  Therefore, our group discussion were brief.  We will begin a new book tomorrow.

Lions:  We shared the markings we made yesterday as we read independently.  This led to some good discussions about the humorous events in the chapter.  Then we identified how things had changed within the past 24 hours in the book.

Bears:  We met and began reviewing the places they marked during yesterday's independent reading assignment. I quickly noticed they were all clustered around the section of text we had read together in group.  A brave student admitted she had not completed the reading assignment and others soon followed.  We discussed the importance of completing assignments and the fact that although it feels like summer, school is still in session.  Hopefully, this will not become a pattern!

We ended the day by observing our plants and recording the observations in our packet.

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