Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take Your Child to Work Day

Today was certainly an interesting day...we had a large portion of our class out, visiting their parents' work place.  While this might seem like an "easy" day for teaching, it actually creates challenges!  Anything new I teach, will have to be retaught tomorrow!!  But we made the best of it and had some fun, too!!

We began our reading/writing block with students sharing the Haiku poems they wrote yesterday.  Then we read two chapters in the Jack Prelutsky book.  After that, we created a class chart, listing the writing tips we've read about so far in Jack Prelutsky's book.  Next, using the writing tips, the children returned to their seats and chose a topic for a silly poem we will write this afternoon.  Finally, before math, the children shared their topic ideas.

In math, the students used an app on the iPads called Educreations to solve a word problem.  This app allowed them to take a picture of a word problem I had put on the board.  Then, using a stylus, they "show their work" by writing on the iPad AND they record their verbal "thinking".  When they are done solving the word problem. I can see their written work and listen to their thinking!  It was very cool and the class definitely enjoyed solving word problems in math!!

After math, the students went to art.  Then they enjoyed lunch and recess.

After lunch while some students had the chance to catch up on unfinished assignments, the others worked on writing silly quatrain poems.  We had a great time doing this and it took up the rest of the afternoon!  The poems were so great that I called up to the office to have Mr. McGee come down and read them!!  Here are a few:

Bit Mom  by: Mackenzie
My mom was on the phone
While I let out a moan
I wanted dinner
So, well I bit her

She dropped her phone when I bit
So then she told me to sit
I did not feel like a winner
but at least I still got dinner

Cupcake by: Evan
Once I nicknamed my brother Ace
He didn't like that.
So he put a cupcake in my face
I got icing all over the place

I like my brother, he's really sweet
But this time he's dead meat
I still got cupcake all over the place
There goes that nickname ace

Tyson by: Jackson
Come here, Bud
Don't make me throw you in the mud
Do you want to scratch me
Ouch! You did, you see?

What is wrong with you
Do you want me to sue?
Go ahead, take a bite
Ouch!  Again?  Let's fight!

April Fool!  by: Kaitlyn C.
I played a trick on April Fool's
I knew I would win and mom would lose
She got mad and I got glad
Then I got in trouble and then I felt so sad.

Push!  by: Riley
I pushed my brother one time
My mom saw me do it
Then I was gone lickety split
I ran away from the crime.

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