Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This morning, in math, we went over the entire review packet for unit 2. The students will take the assessment tomorrow. Please go over the review packet, with your child, for homework tonight.

In reading the students worked in small groups to write a summary for a section of How PLants Grow. I was very pleased with the progress the small groups made. They will complete this activity tomorrow, hopefully! :-)

After that we went to the computer lab to gather some research, via the internet, for our next informational writing piece. We will return to the lab tomorrow to continue gathering research materials and to publish our writing pieces using Microsoft Word.

Following lunch and recess the students will work independently and meet in reading groups. Some of the independent assignments include; searching for ough words, completing their first informational writing piece and practicing the capital letters T and F in cursive.

Bears: Will finish reading Zoo Vet and answer questions in their RRJ.

Tigers: Will finish reading Deserts and answer a question in their RRJ.

Lions: Will write to explain why they thought certain passages in the Ooka story were fair/unfair.

We will end the day with the students creating a Geographic Window of the geographic characteristics in our community.

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