Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great Start to the Day!

We did not have math today. Instead we enjoyed our school's band and choral concert.

Prior to going to the concert, we finished out science experiment that we began yesterday afternoon. We produced sound from three nails using a pencil. Then we discussed how the sounds differed and why.

After the concert we went to reading. In my reading class we began reading a book called Freedom Summer. Our purpose for reading this book was to identify pronouns, the words they are taking the place of and how using pronouns incorrectly (or too frequently) can lead to confusion.

This book is a fantastic book that led to a great discussion about the civil rights movement. Therefore, we did not finish the book or the lesson. We will continue tomorrow!

Following music, lunch and indoor recess the students worked on independent work which included a pronoun worksheet while I met with reading groups.

Bears: Some students worked on their writing rough draft while others practiced reading the honeybee book. Tonight some need to reread the book while others will complete the pronoun worksheet.

Tigers: We spent time investigating suffixes and identifying words with suffixes in our Alex Lee book. Tonight they need to reread the Alex Lee book and identify words with -s, -d, and -ing suffixes on a chart in their RRJ.

Lions: We began reviewing their homework...asking questions when given a passage of text... unfortunately, we ran out of time. So they do not have homework tonight...and they are just crushed about it! LOL

We ended the day with a friendship lesson given by Mrs. Howard.

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