Friday, December 18, 2009


Even with snow in the forecast and being in the midst of the holiday season, we are having a great day!

In math we took our fist quiz for unit 3 and the children ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of their effort!!

In reading we finished reading Freedom Summer and identifying pronouns (and the words/ideas they took the place of)within the text. After that, the students began their independent work while I conferenced with individuals about their writing. I really enjoyed working on writing, one-on-one for a change!

After media center (which was held in the mini lab due to the book fair), lunch and indoor recess the students will continue to work independently while I meet with reading groups.

Bears: We will practice high frequency words and identify words in the text with the prefixes un- and re-.

Tigers: We will identify pronouns in their text and determine which words (or ideas) the pronouns are representing. We will also review their suffix lists from homework last night.

Lions: WE will continue reviewing the questions they wrote and reread the story marking places with a T where Shahkro was being tricky.

We will end the day with a student sharing two of his special books and then celebrating fun Friday.

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