Monday, December 7, 2009


I apologize for the lack of Blog on Friday. I left early and meant to blog when I got home...but I forgot...plain and simple! Sorry!

In math on Friday we worked on the basic multiplication facts for 2 and 5. Today we worked on the 3's. Both on Friday and today I was able to pull small groups to work on challenge problems...4th grade math! I met with 4 or 5 groups in total and we worked on solving equations that involve parenthesis, such as, (3+4) x 2= 14 and function tables. There is a worksheet for homework tonight that practices multiplying by 2.

We began studying the Folktale genre of literature today. To refresh our memories the students listed 5 things they know about folktales on index cards. Then they shared their ideas with partners and wrote 3 ideas that they agreed upon. Finally, we shared these ideas as a class. The students really knew a lot! After that we read and discussed the fantasy, Chester the Worldly Pig.

Following art, lunch and indoor recess the children worked on their jellyfish graphic organizers for their next writing piece and completed a story map for Chester the Worldly Pig while Mrs. Hepner and I met with small groups.

Bears: We worked on understanding an entry in a dictionary using the word democracy from our current reading book. Tonight the students need to answer the questions from the back of their book in their RRJ.

Tigers: We began by practicing high frequency words on white boards. Then the students read up to page 9, silently. After that we discussed the different types of forests. For homework tonight the students need to write about the 3 types of forests in their RRJ.

Lions: WE met and began our inquiry discussion as to why Ooka made Gonta pay back an extra 10% of rice as interest. Tonight the students are expected to reread the story...we had a misunderstanding and they were unable to do the original homework assignment that I had planned.

ALL students should be completing word study homework assignments...they are due Friday!

We ended the day by answering questions about our geographic window to assess our knowledge of physical and human characteristics.

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