Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hump Day

This morning the students took the unit 2 math assessment. Tomorrow we will begin unit 3; multiplication and division.

During reading, we returned to the computer lab to finish collecting research materials for our next informational writing piece. When students were done, they continued publishing their writing.

Following PE, lunch and indoor recess, the students will work independently, while I meet with reading groups.

Bears: Began with word work then discussed and modeled using information from the text in their answers. Tonight for homework they need to rewrite their answer for question number 3 in their RRJ.

Tigers: Began with word work then used post-it notes to locate answers to questions 1-3 in the back of their book. WE also practiced answering these questions orally. They returned to their seats to answer these questions in their RRJ.

Lions: Modeled doing a vocabulary assignment that they started in class nad need to finish for homework. They need to look up 4 words (virtue, courtesy and 2 others they choose)in the dictionary and write the definition in their RRJ. Then they need to use the definition, along with the Ooka story, to get a firm understanding of the word's meaning. Finally, they need to use the word in a sentence that proves they understand the meaning of the word.

We ended the day by, FINALLY, drawing our geographic characteristics on our windows and creating a key to go with it.

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