Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Interim Reports

Believe it or not, we are halfway through the second marking period. So every child will be bringing home an interim progress report today. Make sure you look over your child's report so that you have a good idea how he or she is progressing. There is no need to return these papers to school.

In math we worked on comparison multiplication. There is a follow up worksheet for homework.

We listed the characteristics of folktales today and read two; The Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk. We also identified evidence of the characteristics from the stories we read. After that I modeled writing the first paragraph of an informational piece suing the jellyfish graphic organizer.

Following PE, lunch and recess the students worked independently while I met with small groups.

Bears: Practiced writing high frequency words on white boards. Reviewed list of unknown words from homework last night. Practiced reading out loud. Tonight they need to add words from their book to the suffix chart in their RRJ.

Lions: I met with the lion group for a while today. We began by sharing their homework assignments (Gonta's diary entries). Some were quite good but they all lacked ideas that showed connection to the actual text. For homework they need to revise their entries. After that, we continued discussing our focus question for the story.

We ended the day by continuing our list of what we know about sound and then began a new list of what we want to find out about sound.

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