Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday - Word Study is BACK!

We began unit 3, multiplication and division, in math this morning. The students took notes in their math journals as we learned the meaning of key vocabulary words (factor, product, inverse operations, commutative property), strategies for solving multiplication problems (drawing sets, drawing arrays, repeated addition) and tricks to help them memorize the basic facts (anything times zero = 0, any number times 1 = itself). There is a multiplication practice worksheet for homework.

In reading we collected -ough words and sorted them according to the sound produced by the chunk. Then the students chose new words to practice for their word study homework. The lions reading group chose 10 words. Tigers and bears chose 5. The students need to complete 4 activities, using their words, in their word study notebook, by next Friday.

Following music, lunch and recess the students will work independently on gathering and organizing their research for their next writing piece and writing their word study words in cursive. I will meet with reading groups.

Bears: Began new book called Welcome to the White House...we practiced high frequency words on white boards then we read and discussed the book. For homework they need to practice reading the book.

Tigers:Began a new book called Forests. We started by making a word chain on white boards. Our word chain focused on the -ea spelling pattern. For homework they need to preview their new book and list unknown words on a sticky note.

Lions: Students copied and answered a focus question in their Ooka packet. We will discuss the question in group tomorrow. The questions is: Why did Ooka want Gonta to put back more rice than he stole?

Mrs. Howard will come by to do a friendship lesson with our class at the end of the day.

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