Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

It was a gorgeous morning for Walk to School Day!

After the students checked in, they completed one activity to practice their word work words.  After the announcement we began social studies.

First the children used words and pictures to show how they meet their needs for food, clothing, and shelter.  Then, on the back on the same paper, they used words and pictures to show how Native American societies TODAY meet their needs for food, clothing, and shelter.  After that, we read a book called, Meet Naiche, A Native Boy from the Chesapeake Bay Area, and recognized how Native American societies meet their needs in the same ways we do.

Next we switched for math and had a Go Noodle brain break.

During the small group instruction we continued estimating and solving multi-digit subtraction problems and then checking the answers using addition.

During math with a partner the students engaged in math discourse as they estimated, solved, and checked using addition, multi-digit subtraction problems.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the children practiced subtracting multi-digit numbers using the site, Drag and Drop math.  This would be a great site to use for homework this evening!

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.  when they returned to class we began our literacy block.

We began by identifying what it means to paraphrase and why we need to do it.  Then we learned that we can use synonyms and reorder the words in order to paraphrase what someone else says or writes.

While I met with guided reading groups the students completed a paraphrasing practice activity in their reading and writing journal.  Then they worked on their two informational paragraphs about how their Native American tribe used geographic features to survive.  After that they watched a Learn Zillion lesson about using conjunctions to write compound sentences.

Blue:  The students received a new book, Wolves.  We shared what we know about wolves and then reviewed what we learned about paraphrasing.  After that, we read pages 2 and 3 and the students shared how wolves and dogs are similar by paraphrasing the text.  HW:  Read pages 2-7.

After the blue group met, we had art with Mrs. VanEch.  Then we took A Go Noodle brain break and resumed our literacy block.

Orange:  The students received a new book, Hurricanes.  We discussed some of the text features including the table of contents, index, and text box.  Then the students read to answer questions orally by paraphrasing the text.  HW: Read pages 4-20.

Green:  The students received a new book, A Nation of Many Colors.  We read the introduction nad paraphrased reasons immigrants come to our country. HW: Read pages 4-12

Pink: We practiced their flashcards and added two more sight words.  Then we read an discussed pages 8 and 9. HW: Reread pages 2-9.

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