Monday, October 24, 2016

Marvelous Monday

Prior to the announcements, the students finished their reading formative from last Friday and then complete a WTW practice activity.

After the announcements we began our study of symbiosis in science.  We began by viewing an introductory video clip.  Next we reviewed the 3 types of symbiosis; mutualism (both parties benefit), commensalism (one benefits, the other is not affected), and parasitism (one benefits, the other is harmed).  Then we began watching "The Magic School Bus Takes a Dive" and began identifying examples of the three types of symbiosis.

After science we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.

During the small group math instruction we practiced using bar diagrams to solve multiplicative comparison word problems.

During math with a partner, the children played Multiplication Number Battle, a card game practicing multiplication fact fluency.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the children watched and took notes on a Learn Zillion lesson about using a bar diagram to solve multiplicative comparison word problems.  Then they practiced this skill using a web site called Thinking Blocks.

After math the children enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When we returned to class we began our literacy block. Today the children will be watching a Learn Zillion lesson about identifying the main idea and then practicing the skill using an article about the sun.  After that, the students watched a Learn Zillion and a Brain Pop lesson explaining how to properly use dialogue in their writing.  Then they read through a Google Slides presentation demonstrating how to punctuate dialogue.  Finally, they copied a paragraph using the correct punctuation for the dialogue present in it.  Those who finished early, completed another WTW Practice activity.

Pink:  I collected their old books and handed out a new one, Chickens.  After that, we reviewed the vowel pattern -oi and practiced the patterns -ea, and -ai.  Next, after taking a book walk, we read pages 2-3 and wrote about the main idea and supporting details in our writing journals.  HW: Read pages 2-7 and list unknown words.

Blue:  We reviewed the strategies we've been practicing to identify the main idea in text.  Then we reread page 5 and used those strategies to determine the main idea.  After that, we wrote the main idea and used the text to write 2 supporting detail sentences.  HW:  Read pages 8-11 and list unknown words.

Orange:  We reviewed the strategies we've been practicing to identify the main idea of text.  Then we read over pages 18 and 19 and the students wrote a main idea statement in their journals.  Then they drew a line of learning and copied the main idea statement that I modeled as I thought out loud.  After that, I showed the students how to identify a supporting detail that explains the main idea and they tried to add one of their own.  HW: Read pages 20-23 and list unknown words.

Green:  We reviewed the strategies we've been practicing to identify the main idea of text.  Then we read pages 8 and 9 and discussed the head, sub-headings, and repeated words and phrases.  After that, the children wrote a min idea statement in their reading journal.  Then they drew a line of learning and copied one that I modeled by thinking out loud.  Next they compared theirs to mine.  After that, together, we added supporting details, from the text, that explained the main idea.  HW:  read pages 10-15 and list unknown words.

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